Story behind "Brother"

Songwriting for me has primarily two forms. Most of the time, I write as a way to deal with what I’m going through or simply to tell the current story of my life. The other half of the time, I write to tell someone else’s story. 

    “Brother” was an entirely new style of writing for me. When I wrote “Brother,” I wrote it as a ‘letter’ to my younger brother. I have never done this. The song is essentially a message to my younger brother, written from my perspective as his older brother. 

My whole life, me and my brother have been really close. He is my best friend. I have never encountered anyone more like me, but also completely different in other ways. I am convinced that we have the same brain. How it manifests itself is different, but we both have an intense obsessiveness with creativity. 

For me, this looks like creating music. I have written music since I was 12, it has been my life. For my younger brother, he builds things. He has been building random things since he was probably about 12 as well. For example, when he was fifteen he literally built a hover board using a high powered leaf blower and a piece of plywood. 

He is a genius. 

Because we have the same brain, I have come to see that we also struggle in similar ways. When either of us goes through something painful, it seems to be able to wreck us in the same way. When either of us gets heartbroken, we hurt the same. We bleed the same. 

On one hand, as an older brother that is a beautiful thing. I can help him with his struggle because I understand it fully. On the other hand, it is extremely painful. I know all the ways that I am thankful for a creative brain, but I also know that when things are rough having a creative brain can also result in “negative creativity,” aka when destructive thoughts become near impossible to break. I wish he didn’t have to wrestle with what I have had to wrestle, it is hard to watch. 

“Brother” is written as an encouragement. I wrote the verses to tell him that I wish I could be there for him more. It is hard to see him struggle and to not be able to “save” him. The chorus is a reminder that as humans we all really bleed the same, so having love for each other is the only way we will get through. 

Even though I wrote this song for my brother, I hope the song can speak to all of you. Let it remind you that we really are all the same in this world, and regardless of our weaknesses, beliefs, or peculiarities choosing to love the people around you is far greater than choosing to divide based on those differences. You cannot do this thing called life alone, so “hold onto your strength.” 

As the Wolf Pack, I always want the focus to be one resounding thing: love. I know that is pop-culture right now to say. But I mean that. Life is too short and frail to hate, to hurt other people, and to waste your life on comparison or fear. I think it is important to keep standards for yourself regardless of what you feel. For me, I have a few rules that I live by. One of those rules is “people are worth loving.” No matter what. I do my best to not let myself ever let that go, even when I have been hurt by people. 

Wolf Pack, remember that we’re all the same, and love will make a way.