About zach

Portland, Oregon is the home of a number of successful artists, including Elliott SmithThe DecemberistsEverclear, Grammy Award winner Esperanza Spalding, 80s notables Nu Shooz and Quarterflash, and Portugal. the Man, who had the biggest crossover hit of 2017 with “Feel It Still.” The Pacific Northwest will be able to add another name to that list soon with Zach Wolf. Zach is a dreamer who aims to bring his message of hope to his fans and continue to create music that brings life and freedom to people. His single “Dark” was created in what he calls a “beautifully difficult” writing session, which describes an incredibly painful season in his life. Where some may want to forget the pain and move on, Zach wanted to face the darkness the best way that he knew how; by writing about it and taking the darkest moments of his life to bring purpose and light to others. Zach’s musical vision draws inspiration from alternative, hip-hop and dark-pop melded into authentic and riveting cinematic-style overtures and can be heard in “Dark.” Listen to "Dark" here